The literal meaning of the word 'bullfighting' means a sport where you 'fight' with the 'bull'. As in, you fight with the big, heavy beast trying to steamroll you to a pulp.
Bullfighting also known as tauromachy, is a traditional spectacle of Spain, Portugal, some cities in southern France and in several Latin American countries, in which one or more bulls are ritually killed in a bullring as a public spectacle. 
That's what the wikipedia entry for bullfighting says. But do not be fooled. For that is not what bullfighting means according to me.

According to me, 'bullfighting' is the art of succesfully 'fighting' the 'bull'. Bull as in absence of truth. In simpler terms, 'bullfighting' means effectively nailing a lie.

Just as in the sport of bullfighting, the 'matador' has to carefully evade being beaten by the 'bull' that is coming head-on, artfully negotiate the twists and turns, and finally thrust the sword into the 'bull' when it is at its weakest. Or get sterilized without anaesthesia. This 'bullfighting' is different from the sport because in the sport, the matador has to concentrate only on the bull. But this 'matador' has to contend with several other 'bulls' that are spawned spontaneously from the parent 'bull'. In addition, he also has to contend with the trail of excreta called as the 'bullshit' that the 'bull' leaves behind. Because some of it, is plain, obvious, others are not.

I think everyone has been at both the ends 'bullfighting'. For example, those instances of "my daddy is so strong he can move a train by pushing the train, when he is in the train!" or "I missed school because my died" or ,"I was late because aliens abducted me" or,"You are only one I told this to". 

As in the sport, the 'bull' ends in a gory death. The Clinton-Lewinsky 'bullfight' was one of the shows that garnered greatest viewership. Even the Marion Jones bull ended badly. Recently, the Himalayan Global Warming bull was brutally slayed. But, in order to make the ritual of 'bullfighting' more civilized, it has been introduced in a reality tv format titled Sach Ka Saamna.

Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised 

Occasionally, the 'bull' trumps the 'matador'. The Iraq War was a case where the 'bull' (WMDs) was too big to be brought down. But the 'matador' can be pWned in other ways as well, for instance, the retared matador who took on a harmless little rabbit by mistake.

The different regions of the world are home to 'bulls' of different shapes and sizes. In my opinion, of all the countries, Pakistan's stable boasts of the finest bulls. Sample this- Osama is not here, Dawood Ibrahim is untraceable, Hafiz Saeed is under house arrest, Indian hand in Balochistan,etc.

The Man Responsible For Those Magnificent Bulls 

India has a very interesting variation of bullfighting, the sport, played in Tamil Nadu. The matadors are without weapons and the bull is not killed after the event. Indian 'bullfighting' is also similar, where the 'matadors' are useless against the 'bulls', and cannot finish it off no matter what, even though it has been mortally injured. This is demonstrated by the Ruchika bull and the Jessica bull. Same is the case for the 5 yearly spectacle called the Elections, where every time, the same 'bulls' haunt the masses, but cannot be exorcised for lack of firepower.

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