No Smoking- The Sequel

Warning - The following link contains an extremely graphic image.
Today, aimless surfing on the net revealed to me this- a warning label on a cigarette pack (Link found on Reddit). The labels on our desi cigarette packs are very ineffective in comparison. A lot of chain smokers would be repulsed after seeing these warning labels.

Civic Sense

It is said that common sense is not common. I beg to differ. I believe common sense as well as civic sense is not common. Civic sense is that basic awareness that you live in society. A society that not only consists of you, but also the millions of people around the world. And that you cannot expect preferential treatment just because your name is known to many people. Or because you have a higher IQ than most people, or have scored more marks than a majority of people. Or, in other words, you cannot undermine other people's rights or privacy, or decline them some facility as long as you are a part of this society.

As strong worded as the above paragraph may be, what is on my mind is trivial as compared to gender,race or religion bias. What is on my mind is caring for your neighbours. I don't mean serving them garma-garam jalebis when they return from work. In my case, it is as simple as lowering the volume of music, and not treating public property as the dowry you received during your marriage.

More specifically music. The simple reason why you should not play blaring music, and sing along, changing your voice to match the pitch of the singer, is that people judge you on the basis of your taste of music. Backstreet- fag,Metal- maniac/geek,Classical- girlish,Rap- wannabe firang/cool cat. You get my point. But the other, more traditional reason is, civic sense -your neighbour will get irritated. If I turn out to be your neighbour, I may probably bring a camera and film you swaying to the music, singing in a thin,girlish voice because you can't match the pitch of the Backstreet Boys. And then, I will post it on youtube!

Or consider this other scenario, where people do some dubious activities where they are not supposed to do it. In my case, when people wash their FEET at the WASH BASIN. I'm sure the makers of the wash basin must have created it for washing your face or hands only. And this becomes much more obnoxious when the bathroom is located just a foot behind you. Bhaina!!(Oriya equivalent of "Dude!") You just have to turn around to wash your feet without inconveniencing anyone else! But no, he washes his feet right there, pouring water out of his palms and onto his feet, allowing everyone else the pleasure of having to tiptoe through the pool of muddy water. I think if I ever catch that guy performing his ritual again, I shall immediately proceed to take a bath in front of the wash basin. If he washed something apart from his hands and face at the wash basin, why can't I do the same?

Moral of the story is- people will keep on inconveniencing other people, even If you give them a hint that they are doing so. It's just this thing about human behaviour, call it ego if you will, that makes people indifferent, shameless and proud. They only way you can shatter that mirage is by doing things that are most despicable, so that you can harness their 'ego', and force them into thinking,"I'm never going to behave like this retard!". Reverse Psychology at it's best!

P.S.- Please share your experiences of such shameless behaviour by commenting.
P.P.S.- I have not blown a fuse, please read my previous posts before you judge me on the basis of only this post.

Friday The 13th

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. Not as scary as the fact that it was also the day that my Microprocessor lab test was held. Normally, any lab test, or any test for that matter does not freak me out. But this one was different from the others in the fact that a certain G.S.Rath was the teacher handling the lab. I was almost sure he would turn up dressed up as Jason.

G.S Rath, is no ordinary teacher. By one of my friend's generalization that every department has such a species of Rath(Chemical-P.Rath, Computer Science-S.K.Rath), he is the Rath of the ECE Department. But there are some virtues that sets this particular Rath apart. He is a senior citizen, so is senile and unpredictable. So is my grandfather, you say? But this guy, he will conjure a reason out of thin air to shout and admonish, and dismiss you as a "NIT Bigshot". Consider this. We were not able to write a program he asked us to run. A GMAT took the pains of writing the program, running it on an 8086 emulator on his laptop, debug it, get a printout of that program, and turn out prepared for the next class. He even brought his laptop to the lab to troubleshoot. But, very predictably, the program did not work on the 8086 kit. So he approaches GSR. And GSR scolds him for bringing a laptop to the lab, even as majority of us are discovering innovative ways to pass the time in the lab. But that is what senile old Professors do, don't they? Well, he is not a Rath for no reason. He also cracks these God-level PJs and swears at students in all languages, like Oriya, Sanskrit,etc. Just recently he lavished praise upon someone as being a "tirotpati banaro", or something like that. It's Sanskrit for a monkey whose brain has been ripped out of it's skull. Or sample this, during a lab class, when not a single soul was able to execute a program, he very smugly says," I have set up a Microprocessor Lab in narako(Oriya for hell). Does anyone wan't to go there?", and starts laughing with a vile satisfaction, as if his nemesis has been paraded naked on a donkey. This sparked of a debate that the reason GSR will not die, is because Yamaraj is also afraid of him!

So, on a Friday the 13th, I prepared myself to face this monster (whom I shall nickname G.S wRath), and answer his questions in the viva voce. Turns out I picked up an chit with an easy program, but the program won't run. So I reluctanlty ask GS wRath why this is happening. Quite predicatably, he smacks his head hard with his palm, and expresses his discontent with a high pitched "Huuuh!". He then gives us a hint, along with niceties like,"Your brain has melted". But the program runs, and GS wRath is satisfied.

All said and done, I feel the senile and vitriolic nature, not to mention those unbeleivably wild PJs, is why everyone will remember him for a long time. He is no doubt brash with students, but during the lab exams, he handled even the dumbest people with patience, giving them hints and trying to make them realize their mistakes.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 2- Kept In The Dark

Continuing from my previous post, I am (not) a little sad to announce that aliens have succeded in taking over BJP's President, Rajnath Singh. The media caught wind of the abduction, and was successful in reporting it. But, if they had probed further, they would have come across that which lay just under the surface of things. The entire event was a well planned abduction by aliens. Under the cover of darkness, and at about 3,000 metres above sea level, they swiftly occupied Rajnath Singh's body.

The aliens finished him before he could say,"Jai Shri Ram!"

After capturing Rajnath Singh, the aliens started plotting to plunge the people of India into doom. They hatched an evil plan to ruin India forever. Rajnath Singh came out with his latest statement to the media- that there should be laws against mass religious conversions. Those aliens always knew religion controls a barrage of emotions. So what better thing to incite the people with? An approximate translation of his (we now know who it actually was...) statement is as follows-
The BJP has lost elections again. There need to be more Hindus in this country. Mass conversions should be banned and people should be forced to convert to Hinduism. Alleging that Pakistan is supporting conversion should garner enough attention. Thus we shall allow people to "choose their own religion". It is only then that our ideology of Hindutva can be saved from being rendered redundant. Certain states like Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkand have low Hindu population. We shall to do these states what we did to Gujarat and recently Orissa. Call Togadia!

Because of this statement, the people of India will completely loose confidence in the BJP and ruin themselves by voting the Congress into power, again and again, and again. Aliens-1,Sardarjis-0.

But this isn't our only concern. My highly effective intelligence sources tell me that this isn't the first instance. The aliens had already taken over Advani and Jaitley, who kept the other BJP leaders in the dark about ground realities. And they plan to keep this up via Rajnath Singh's statement.

They are already long gone