How To: Stop Behaving Like A Sissy, Plot The Downfall Of The Opposition While Rubbing Your Hands With Delight

Immediately after becoming BJP President, Nitin Gadkari reshuffled the party management. Out went all the old leaders, in came all the dashing, young ones (who were only 5-6 years younger). Gadkari tried to revitalize the party by imbibing the famed RSS discipline and by blending professionalism, glamour, youth and experience. Chintan Baithaks were organized, differences among the senior party leaders and infighting was resolved, opposition party leaders were abused. After waging a mini crusade against their traditional style of functioning, the BJP finally comes up with it's most ingeniously creative and original idea yet - a bandh.

So, as Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, and countless other party workers court arrest, the only ones rubbing their hands with delight in that comically devilish manner is the Congress top brass.

As the old, cheesy movie adage goes,"look within yourself, for the answer will come from within". The BJP too has a dormant giant within its rank. And to unleash this giant, all it has to do is follow my diabolical plan, i.e. how to Pwn the opposition and rub your hands with delight in a comically devilish way

Step 1 - Obliterate Sonia Gandhi.
Step 2 - Castrate Rahul Baba and place him under house arrest.
Step 3 - Kill Priyanka Gandhi.
Step 4 - Publicise Maneka and Varun Gandhi as the only living members of the Gandhi clan.
Step 5 - Wait for the next general elections. GAME OVER CONGRESS.