How To: Bang 72 Virgins

The fast-track court finally senteced Kasab to death by hanging. That's right. DEATH SENTENCE for a JEHADI. So, today I can sleep peacefully knowing that terrorists are absolutely petrified of the Indian judiciary. And also because of the fact that this sort of punishment makes the Taliban's policy of stoning people look reeally immature.

But all that aside, imagine what would happen if the judiciary penalised offenders by actually helping them to fulful their objective. Death sentence for a jehadi, eh? Hmmmm. So who wants to be a serial rapist? It would actually be a colossal KLPD for the terrorists who prefer to die while 'saving' their brethren in the hope of 'jannat' and 72 virgins. Imagine a serial rapist caught red handed and then being sentenced by the judiciary. Extending the same logic for the Kasab case, the judiciary will 'punish' him. 72 virgins, without the death.