Watching Movies Alone

Disclaimer : This post is most definitely not worth reading. This is just an exercise.

Everyone seems to have an instinctive reaction that stops them from going to the movies alone. That is crazy because going to the movies is not a group activity. Playing team sports is a group activity and there's a very good reason why a football match is called off when the number of players in a team drops below a number. The reason is, continuing with that activity beyond such a point is so difficult and idiotic that if you were to continue, you would very rightly be called manly.

That is thankfully not true of watching movies at a theatre. Thing is, people think going to a theatre is like going to a pub or a disco. It's not. Stag entries are allowed at theatres, aren't they? Unlike a disco or a pub, does the movie watching experience at a theatre depend on the quality or quantity of the people accompanying you? It does not. Even if nobody brings friends who have an odd sense of humour to the movies, people who laugh at all the wrong parts still manage show up. The movie watching experience will largely remain the same.

I have absolutely no problems with going to the movies alone, but that is primarily because of the definition of manliness as stated in the first para. What I find disturbing is my parent’s reaction to the whole affair. My parents belong to that generation that firmly believe that praying daily, polishing one's boots daily, etc. are "character-building" activities. My parents regularly "encouraged"(threatened) me to "invest"(waste) my time in such character-building activities. And somehow, going to the movies alone does not fall into the category of character-building activities! They think it is necessary to accompany me even if they don't like the movie. I have (obviously) used this to my advantage and now my parents accompany me, but they usually watch some other movie simultaneously in the multiplex.

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